About Us

Our mission at Menucha Marketing is to revolutionize the Jewish way of advertising and wipe away the anxiety of wasted marketing dollars...

We are passionate about transforming businesses, especially in the Jewish neighborhoods, so that together as a community we al live a better lifestyle!!

Let's take you back to the beginning..

It all started out when we noticed the need to adapt to the new times in advertising.

With the old paper ads, your ads get drowned with so many other ads and it also gets very expensive when they're very temporary and go into the junk pile...

Which gets ignored!

That's when it all happened, with the idea of adapting to the new age of Digital Advertising and utilizing technology to help you grab and gold your customers attention in this busy, fast paced world which in return preserves your advertising dollars.

That's us in a nutshell...


So what are you waiting for?
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