Are the ads only viewed on digital screens?  

No, we also can have them posted on Menucha Marketing Social Media. Our Whatsapp status, Facebook and Instagram.


Why is digital advertising better than paper advertising?

Even though paper advertising is very effective, but, it gets drowned out by so many other ads, as well as it doesn't always catch the client's attention.

However, with Digital Ads because they move and interact with your customers. It grabs and holds your customer's attention and gets viewed multiple times like they say "it takes about 7 times to see something before it really sticks inside".


How many times do the ads play per hour?

Typically they play four times an hour


Am I able to get the ads to play more than four times an hour? 

Yes, we have great options that will allow you to play up to 12 times per hour /per screen!


Do you have a guarantee?

Yes, we guarantee to create a digital ad and have it play on our screens, however, we can't guarantee that you will close the sale, I don't think anyone can!


How can I track the sales from these ads? 

You can add a promotion like "10% off with quoting this ad" or you can use a special promo code like "SAVE10".


Are you able to do A/B split testing? 

Yes, we can create two forms of ads and test each one, however that is not included in all packages.


If I want to change my digital ad or create a special offer am I able to?

Yes, parts of some of our packages give you that ability!


How long does it take to get started?

Creation of the ads typically is quick and should be completed within 14 days then we'll be ready to get your ads playing!


Do you offer discounts or promotions or bonuses? 

Yes, when you choose a long-term package we offer great bonuses and promotions!