get your business into every brooklynite’s brain

here’s why menucha marketing is an apt advertising affiliate

You can make your brand known!

With our digital signage display boards, your reach could be infinite. Imagine potential clients noticing your offers as they eat a hot slice of pizza, or while buying confectionaries. What do you think about your ad being seen in a lively local barbershop? Our screens are connected to each nerve center in the vibrant Brooklyn community.

 The best part of it all? It only takes 14 days for your ads to be displayed. We can play your ads anywhere from four to twelve times an hour! The saying goes, “it takes about 7 times for something to truly stick”. We took that motto to heart. Currently.

Menucha Marketing offers the following
three display options:

Judaica stores

Sellers of religious items, books, and other Jewish goods


Grocery stores

Screens so clear, customers can almost taste your products


General screens

Whether you run a pizzeria or clinic, our screens will enhance your goods and services


Boost Your Reach With
One Purchase

ONE Click = Limitless Marketing Potential

Would you like access to our 35 exclusive marketing locations? Click on the link below to view our packages. Once you’ve selected the package of your choosing, go to checkout to confirm your order. Menucha Marketing digital signage display boards are an investment that yields immense returns. Select your pricing option today!