the mission

What Drives Our Brand?

All business ideas start by spotting the gap.

Millions of marketing dollars are wasted every year on newspaper and digital placements that don’t convert. At Menucha Marketing, we believe in community. You don’t just market your business to make a quick buck. You market because you believe you can better the lives of others through your service. Our company was born on the paved streets of Brooklyn. It grew up 

amidst the barbershops, food stores, pizzerias, and medical centers of our local Jewish community. Now that we’re all grown up, we have a chance to give back. Our digital signage solutions are a great way to grow local businesses – or global brands if you’re looking to target small neighborhoods. 

100% Innovation Driven

Making Marketing Modern – The Menucha Way!

We are set on bucking trends. For hundreds of years, advertisers used newspapers and leaflets to get their messages out to the world. Recently, however, as things go, this trend has slowly died out. What has replaced it? Cutting-edge, exciting technology that promises to broaden the reach of businesses. With our digital signage solutions, we’re staking our claim in the future of marketing.  

Our Philosophy

What Are Menucha Values?

We invest in our neighborhoods. How? By giving them tools through which they can grow their businesses. We support our Jewish identity by offering digital advertising solutions to Judaic stores. We support local stores by allowing them to advertise on our LED screens. Better yet, we allow Brooklyn to connect with the rest of the world – thanks to global companies who choose to advertise with us.

We focus on our philosophy of care. Above all, we want our customers to walk away from our partnership feeling satisfied. With over 35 locations and a reach of 561 000 people, we can confidently say that purchasing one of our packages is a worthy investment. The only thing better than that? Seeing your business enrich the lives of those around you.